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Marcus Wilhelmstätter (b. 1993), South African born photographer based out of the Hague, the Netherlands (frequently found in Salzburg, Austria).

Fluent in English, proficient in Dutch, and German.

Available for private sessions and commercial projects.

Originally from South Africa, most of my childhood and teens were spent growing up in the Hague, Paris and London, moving every four years.

I went to university in Amsterdam, where I studied 3D animation, game design and development for two years and graduated with a BA.h in 3D Interactive animation.

Currently I am a portrait, nature and landscape photographer based out of the Hague, but also spend a lot of time photographing in Salzburg, Austria.

Interested in supporting me as an artist?
Getting film developed and scanned is unfortunately quite expensive, and costs are rising. All donations, however large or small are greatly appreciated, and will be put towards film development, scanning, and ultimately towards purchasing the materials required for developing at home.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

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